Window Frosting Signage

Window Frosting, a great option and elegant way for creating a sense of privacy without compromising on light, ideal for medical, law firms, conference rooms or any services environment, to give your customers a sense of safety while providing subtle branding message. Frosting also allow you to embellish your window with logo, services or eye-catching design. Window frosting gives the appearance of sandblasted and adds privacy in your office or at home but still lets light through your windows and keep your room well lit.

Main feature:

  • Great for privacy
  • Make of most of your window area for branding
  • Reduce glare from sun
  • Act as good background for signage overlays like logo
  • Safety vision strip to stop people walking into glass
  • We also provide: Coloured Window Films, Shopfront Display Graphics, Tint & Security Films installation

Talk to us today on how to make the most of your window areas to get your brand and message out there.

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